Coiled Hose, 3/8" ID Leaf

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Water Right
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W1296 15,W1296 25,W1296 50
Watering Supplies
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Ideal for watering in the greenhouse, home, patio or smaller garden.

This 100% polyurethane Water Right hose has memory polymers that allow it to expand and contract millions of times without losing the ability to recoil. Strong, but lightweight, it is flexible in all weather conditions — even freezing! Stretches out easily then coils back up automatically for quick and convenient storage.

Solid, chrome-plated, brass fittings for long life. 12-inch tails on each coil end making installation to faucets, wands and nozzles a breeze. 3/8" inside diameter. Standard garden hose fittings. Made in the USA of top quality FDA and NSF grade polyurethane. UV stabilized, non-toxic, and drinking water safe. (Wand not included.)

Choose from:  15 ft Blue and 25 ft or 50 ft Eggplant Purple.