Greenhouse Equipment

  • Extension Handle for Manual Vent Control

    Extension Handle for Manual Vent Control

    For use with C3535 Manual Vent Control Now reach those out-of-reach skylight operators or vent controls more conveniently.  Telescoping for homes or greenhouses with varying height installations.  For flat or sloped roof applications. ...

    $54.00 - $84.00
  • Eyebolts & Nuts

    Eyebolts & Nuts

    For Cross Country & SolarGro Greenhouses - K1465 These eyebolts provide a strong point from which you can hang plants, support climbing plants, or hang greenhouse fixtures. 20-pound capacity. Pack of 10.

  • Gigavent Control

    Gigavent Control

    Heaviest lifting capacity The ultimate solar vent control! Opens and closes vents weighing up to 65 lbs. A hydraulic safety damper prevents gusty winds from damaging the vent. Adjustable operation starting at 62° F and wide open at 86° F...

  • Grande View 12" Thermometer

    Grande View 12" Thermometer

    Easy to read This quality thermometer can withstand year-round outdoor temperatures. It displays temperatures in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, using half-inch numerals that are DOUBLE THE SIZE of those on most thermometers of its kind. The small column of...

  • Greenhouse Bubble Insulation, 24" W roll

    Greenhouse Bubble Insulation, 24" W roll

    Keep your greenhouse warmer Installed inside your greenhouse glazing, this translucent bubble plastic can reduce your heating costs by up to 35%. It is just as effective as insulated glass. It also transmits evenly diffused light through the greenhouse...

  • Greenhouse Gardener's Companion by Shane Smith

    Greenhouse Gardener's Companion by Shane Smith

    Growing Food & Flowers in Your Greenhouse or Sunspace - V9051 Here is an EXCELLENT resource book for anyone who is serious about building or buying a hobby greenhouse, or who already has one. In a witty yet clear style, you'll find comprehensive...

  • Greenhouse Poly Cover, 6 mil UVI

    Greenhouse Poly Cover, 6 mil UVI

    Cut to order.  Call 800-322-4707 to place your order! Our poly maintains a warmer climate and promotes more rapid plant growth. It transmits over 90% of sunlight, is UV protected, and the extra strength of 6-mil thickness resists wind and snow...

    $99.00 - $371.25
  • Greenhouse Shutter Exhaust Fan

    Greenhouse Shutter Exhaust Fan

    Rugged, reliable exhaust fans Provide reliable ventilation for your greenhouse with this exhaust fan. The fan motor is totally enclosed for protection from humidity. The galvanized shutter has felt-edged aluminum vanes that blow open from the fan...

    $199.95 - $585.00
  • Greenhouse Thermostat

    Greenhouse Thermostat

    Reliable control - E3127 This quality thermostat will automatically control a fan system or heater. The moisture-resistant case offers protection from the wet greenhouse climate. The external stainless steel temperature sensor is very accurate and quick...

  • Greenhouse Woven Poly 12 mil Storm Cover, per ft

    Greenhouse Woven Poly 12 mil Storm Cover, per ft

    Toughest Greenhouse Woven Poly - B2316 For reliable protection, cover your greenhouse or cold frame with this super-strong poly. You won’t have to worry about your plants the next time the weather strikes with wind, hail, rain or snow! This polyethylene...

  • Grommet Clips, pack of 10

    Grommet Clips, pack of 10

    For shade fabric tie-down Snap these 10-toothed plastic grommets onto the edge of your shade. Use your rope or cord to tie to greenhouse frame or foundation. 1-5/8" diameter. Made from 100% recycled plastic. Pack of 10. Click here for instructions PDF.

  • Grounded 24-Hour Equipment Timer

    Grounded 24-Hour Equipment Timer

    Single Outlet - E3325 This timer is ideal for lighting applications, hydroponics, evaporative coolers, aquaponics, pumps and other equipment requiring electrical grounding. Plug directly into grounded receptacle. Captive pins never get lost. 48 on and...

  • Hard-Wire Fan Speed Control (weather-resistant), 120V, 5 amp

    Hard-Wire Fan Speed Control (weather-resistant), 120V, 5 amp

    Perfect Ventilation - E3131 Continuously variable solid-state control lets you select the proper exhaust fan speed and minimum fan starting speed for your greenhouse. Also used on air circulation fans. Use only on fans and blowers with Shaded Pole, PSC,...

  • Heat Saver Fan

    Heat Saver Fan

    Bring heat down to the plants! - C3086 This fan is specially designed to pull warm air off the ceiling and push it down to the floor. This provides three major benefits: Heating costs are reduced up to 20% because heat loss through the roof is reduced...

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    Indoor Temperature and Humidity Gauge

    Indoor Temperature and Humidity Gauge

    N2648 Temperature and humidity are the two most important climate readings you need to monitor to keep your greenhouse performing at its peak. This economical instrument tells you both indoor readings at a glance. Size: 6.30" W x 3.18" H x 1" D...