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  • $3.40

    Compartment Pot Paks, break apart

    Plant starter (Minimum quantity 5) Reusable plastic containers featuring individual cells to keep root systems separate. Ideal for cuttings or se...

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    10x20 tray with or without holes

    Improve propagation success (Minimum quantity 5) This handy plastic flat forms a sturdy support for Pot-Paks and Plug Trays. Choose with holes or w...

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    from $2.95
  • $11.95

    Heavy Duty 1020 Quad Thick Tray

    (Minimum quantity 5) These reusable trays are built tough for long lasting durability! They are 4 times the thickness of regular 10 x 20 trays. No ...

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  • from $29.95

    Seedling Heat Mat

    Provides gentle warmth - P5225 Improve seed germination and keep young plants thriving with gentle warmth under their roots. Place your seed tray...

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    from $29.95
  • $12.95

    Mondi 7" Vented Dome

    Extra Tall Dome - P2333 (Minimum quantity 5)Give your plants extra room to get off to a good start! The generous 7" height of our thick, heavy-duty...

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    Seedmaster Seed Sower

    Saves seeds, time and thinning - T4594 Avoid wasting seeds and tedious thinning. Just place your seeds in the chute and turn the ratchet wheel....

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  • $54.95

    Digital Heat Mat Thermostat

    For optimum germination and root growth! - E3443 Precisely control your propagation heat mat. Features include adjustable from 68° - 108° F, temp...

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  • from $33.00

    Economy Soil Heating Cable

    These insulated soil heating cables gently warm your growing medium for faster germination and better growth. Use them indoors or out, in container...

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    from $33.00
  • 4 ft Propagation Heat Mat

    4 ft Propagation Heat Mat

    Warm your plant rooting area 10° F - 20° F above the ambient temperature, markedly improving germination rates and rooting success!This 48" long pr...

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    Hormex Professional Rooting Powder, Set of 3

    Increase your cutting yield! Enjoy greater success propagating your favorite plants. This rooting powder stimulates the formation of roots on sli...

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  • $26.95

    Windowsill Heat Mat, 3" x 20"

    Take advantage of the space and light on your windowsill. Jump-start your flowers, herbs, and vegetables with our Windowsill Heat Mat.Designed to f...

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  • $14.95

    Dip-N-Grow Rooting Solution, 2 oz concentrate

    Easy to use rooting solution This concentrated rooting hormone solution is highly effective for woody ornaments or difficult to root cuttings, as w...

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  • from $124.00

    Mega Size Commercial Seedling Heat Mat

    Bottom heat is one of the most important and effective ways to improve germination and rooting. This B-I-G, heavy-duty, commercial heat mat provide...

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    from $124.00