Foilastic Butyl Flashing Tape, 3" x 50 ft Leaf

RS Hughes
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Polycarbonate Accessories
Glazing Tape
Poly Hardware
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Preferred by experienced glaziers

Use this waterproof sealant tape for all exterior glazing joints. It is a solid ribbon of butyl adhesive, 35 mil (1/32") thick x 3" wide. Has a strong adhesive back which can be installed in any weather.  Roll is 50 feet long.


Foilastic Premium Grade Butyl Roof Flashing Tape
* Service temperature -30F to 200F
* Excellent compatibility with most sealants and caulking materials.
* Easy application - just peel and stick.
* Resists UV degradation from direct exposure to sunlight.
* The 2.0 mil thick aluminum backing is conformable and durable, has excellent air and moisture barrier properties and is suitable for indefinite outdoor UV exposure.

- Flashing hip, ridge, and penetration details on concrete tile roofs
- Deck-to-wall joints
- Sheet metal repairs on mobile homes, trailers
- Sealing gutters, roof valleys and eaves, chimneys and vents, and rooftop duct systems
- Sealing other detail areas against water and air penetration