6mm Polycarbonate End Cap - 4 ft L Leaf

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Polycarbonate Accessories
End Cap
Poly Capping
U Channel
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Simplify Assembly
For 6mm Polycarbonate Panels

Adding Multi-Wall polycarbonate to your wood framework is easier when using these special pieces to hold the panels in place. The Caps are made of a tough, sunlight-resistant UVI polycarbonate, and are weatherproof and maintenance-free.  Use End Caps on the top and bottom of Multi-Wall polycarbonate to close the channels. This keeps out dirt and insects. Also, use End Caps on the outside edge of corner panels.  Channel is 5/8" deep.

4 ft L End Caps fit standard panel width of 4 ft. Please call for ship quote to order 6 ft, 8 ft, 12 ft, or longer end caps.

Always install End Caps wide side down.

Builder's Notes:
Caps are easily cut to length with a hacksaw. 

TIP:  Use 1/16" bead of silicone sealant where polycarbonate panel meets the polycarbonate end cap (as pictured).