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Extra durable - D1002

This super tough bench top is made from a durable resin material that will not rust, rot or corrode. Industrial grade agricultural material for long life. Plants benefit from good air circulation through the 1" x 1" grid. Soil and water drain away, and the light-colored grid reflects light up to plants without glare. 48" L x 24-1/2" W. Set of 2.

Order quantity of 1 = 1 set of 2.

Note:  This does not include the cedar bench.

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Charley's Cutting Tips:
    CUTTING TOOLS:  A table saw and circular saw are the best cutting tools. (A saber saw may be useful for cutting holes or rounding corners.)
    CUTTING METHOD:  Circular Saw / Saber Saw: Clamp a straight-edge to the panel to guide the saw. Proper cutting speed is important ... Too slow and the plastic will melt, too fast and you may have large chips.  Table Saw: Push through the saw as you would a piece of plywood paneling, again watching your speed.