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Elite English Hooked Overlap Clips, bend to fit


For "English Style" Greenhouses

Stainless steel fasteners used to support and secure glass where 2 pieces overlap. Fit any glazing material up to 1/8" thick. Best for glazing repairs. 5/16" W x 1-1/2" L.

For ease of installation of overlapping glass, this aluminium clip has the flexibility of allowing for glass tolerance as it is only preformed at one end therefore allowing for adjustment by hand during the greenhouse glazing process.

   1. Hook two bendable aluminum overlap clips on the top edge of the glass, with the "tail" to the outside of the greenhouse.
   2. Set the next piece of glass above the first with about 1/2" overlap to the outside.
   3. Bend the aluminum clip up to support the 2nd pane of glass.

Select:  Pack of 15 or Pack of 50.