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Dyna-Gro Liquid Grow 7-9-5, 1 qt concentrate

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Complete plant nutrition

Impress everyone with the superior growth of your plants and their improved flowering and fruiting. Your secret is the total plant nutrition you provide with Dyna-Gro. These uniquely complete formulas provide all the nutrients necessary for award-winning plant growth. There is no excessive salt buildup and they contain no urea (a low-quality nitrogen source). Dyna-Gro nutrient solutions are precisely formulated with 6 macro and 10 micronutrients. Easy to use liquid concentrate. 1 quart makes 192 gallons at 1 tsp./gal. Apply every time you water. Works well with fertilizer injectors.

Liquid Grow 7-9-5 is excellent general nutrition for houseplants, fruits, and vegetables. Promotes healthy leaf and stem growth. Use dilute solution for fast-acting foliar spray. Contains 2% calcium - what tomatoes need to avoid blossom end rot. 1 quart concentrate.