Evaporative Cooler, 2800 cfm Leaf

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Provides natural cooling

Enjoy fresh, naturally cooled air at a fraction of the cost of air-conditioning. Plus an Evaporative Cooler adds humidity to the greenhouse and filters the air of dust and insects. A powerful fan pushes outside air through a wet cooling pad and into the greenhouse. Water evaporating from the pad absorbs heat and cools incoming air by 15° F to 30° F.

Installation: Coolers are prewired. Remove a small panel of greenhouse glass or siding (approx. 23" x 15") for the cooler duct. Hook up water supply, adjust float, and plug-in power cord. (For automatic control, order C3124-FAN Prewired Fan Thermostat.)

Coolers come with 2-speed fans and are designed with a special clog-free water distribution system for uniform pad wetness and cooling. 115 volts. UL listed. 22" W x 31" Deep x 27" H. 2800 cfm, 1/8 hp.

NOTE:  Evaporative Coolers require special handling. They ship freight throughout the U.S. from the manufacturer’s closest location to you. Shipping may be higher than the standard shipping charges shown in the shopping cart checkout process. Charley's will contact you for approval of any additional shipping costs – or you are welcome to call us and order by phone 800-322-4707.

Note:  THIS ITEM IS RESTRICTED FROM SALE TO THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA. California has laws banning cooling systems that emit certain gases into the air. 

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