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Evaporative Cooler, 2800 cfm

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Provides natural cooling

Enjoy fresh, naturally cooled air at a fraction of the cost of air-conditioning. Plus an Evaporative Cooler adds humidity to the greenhouse and filters the air of dust and insects. A powerful fan pushes outside air through a wet cooling pad and into the greenhouse. Water evaporating from the pad absorbs heat and cools incoming air by 15° F to 30° F.

Installation: Coolers are prewired. Remove a small panel of greenhouse glass or siding (approx. 23" x 15") for the cooler duct. Hook up water supply, adjust float, and plug-in power cord. For automatic control, order C3124-FAN Prewired Fan Thermostat.

Coolers come with 2-speed fans and are designed with a special clog-free water distribution system for uniform pad wetness and cooling. 115 volts. UL listed. 22" W x 31" Deep x 27" H

2800 cfm, 1/8 hp

Ships throughout the U.S. via motor freight - please call to order.

Note:  THIS ITEM IS RESTRICTED FROM SALE TO THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA. California has laws banning cooling systems that emit certain gases into the air.