Sunblaster LED Grow Light, 6400K Leaf

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High Output LED Strip Light - L5037

This high output LED strip light has been specially developed to maximize overall performance. The full spectrum light (6400K) provides the best lighting for propagation (cloning), and the germination and nurturing of small seedlings. Self-ballasted design with no adaptors required. Wide light distribution at 120°. Multiple lights can be daisy-chained to cover a wider area.

Comes with 5.5 ft power cord with ON/OFF rocker switch, one 12" link cord, and installation hardware for hanging or flush-mount under a shelf. 120V. Rated life 50,000 hours. UL listed.

Link up to 8 units with a single power cord.

Turn it into a tabletop grow light with an optional L5340 LED Grow Light Stand

* 2 ft L - 24 watts, 2550 lumens
* 4 ft L - 48 watts, 5150 lumens