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Plug 'N Play Mist Kit - M6070

When the super fine mist from this system starts drifting over your plants, they will be so much happier! Evaporation of the mist can cool a greenhouse 10° to 20° F.

This expandable system has a simple push-together assembly and solid brass Slip-Lok fittings. The 6 nozzles are brass/stainless steel (1/2 gph), and the 3/8" tubing is UV treated. Includes 12 ft. misting line with 10 ft. lead-in, and hose coupling.

Extend up to 62 nozzles / 124 ft with additional parts listed below, dependent on your available water pressure.

Connects to any standard outdoor faucet or garden hose.


Orbit Replacement Parts and Accessories as available:
M6070-A-BRASS NOZZLE / Brass Nozzle Plug, 5 pak
M6070-B-ELBOW / Slip-Lok Elbow
M6070-C-TEE / Slip-Lok Tee (3-Way)
M6070-D-END PLUG / Brass End Plug
M6070-FITTING / Slip-Lok Fitting with Nozzle, 3 pak
M6070-NOZZLE / Replacement Nozzle, 5 pak
M6070-T FILTER / Water Filter
M6070-TUBING / 20 ft of 3/8" Tubing