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Sikasil-N Plus Silicone Sealant


This is the BEST choice for POLYCARBONATE! This is the BEST choice for POLYCARBONATE! Remains flexible. Mildew resistant. Weatherproof. Indoor/Outdoor. 100% silicone rubber sealant that withstands the damaging effects of weather.

Ideal for greenhouses, gutters/downspouts, pipes/plumbing, chimney flashings, air conditioners, skylights/windows, door frames! Provides a watertight seal indoors or out. Withstands temperatures from -80º F (-62º C) to 350º F (176º C).

This sealant adheres to polycarbonate, fiberglass, masonry, painted aluminum, painted steel, glass*, and wood.

Application temperature range: between 40° F to 105° F (5° C to 40° C). Apply to dry material. Cures in 24 hours. Dimensions: 10 oz. Cartridge (296 ml)

Color: Translucent

Size: 10 oz Cartridge (296 ml)