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Waterproof Greenhouse Thermostat


Reliable control - E3124

This quality thermostat will automatically control a fan system or heater. The moisture-proof case offers protection from the wet greenhouse climate. The external stainless steel temperature sensor is very accurate and quick to respond to temperature changes. The large temperature dial is easy to read and set. (The dial is marked with 2° increments.) Temperature Range: 40° to 100° F. Rated: 14 amps, 1500 watts, 120 volts.


Hard-Wire: Ready for your electrician to hard wire to control either a vent system or a 120-volt portable heater. (No power cord.)

Prewired for Fan: To use, set temperature dial, and your venting system will operate automatically! Can also be used to control an evaporative cooler.

Prewired for Portable Heater: To use, set your 120-volt heater thermostat on "high" (closed circuit). Now set the new thermostat to any desired temperature.

Prewired Thermostats are ready to use. The 6 ft. power cord has 3-prong "series" plug. To use, plug heater or fan into female side of series plug. Plugs into standard wall outlet. Plug into wall receptacle only. (NOTE: Prewired heater thermostat is not for use with an extension cord. There is an issue with heater amperage.)

Click here for E3124-HW (no power cord) instructions PDF.

Click here for E3124-FAN & E3124-HEAT (corded) instructions PDF.

Click here for general fan system instructions PDF.