Bayliss MK7 Super Solar Vent Opener Leaf

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Heavy Lifting Capacity

This larger, heavy-duty Bayliss MK7 Super solar vent opener is suitable for operating heavy, double-glazed greenhouse vents. It can lift 35 lbs. and multiple units can be used to operate full-length ridge vents. The Super has a unique aluminum power tube with internal and external fins to give a more efficient heat exchange and thereby provide a faster operating response. Can be set to start opening between 60° and 75° F, and will give a maximum vent opening of 15". Anodized aluminum finish. 15 1/2" overall length.

About Bayliss Solar-Powered Vent Controls
These "top of the line" solar vent controls will open and close greenhouse vents automatically without electricity. Bayliss solar vent openers convert energy from the warmth of the sun into mechanical energy to open vents. The hotter it gets, the wider the vents are opened.

Bayliss openers are made from the best corrosion-resistant materials: brass, stainless steel, and satin anodized aluminum. They are designed to give many years of service, are covered by a 2-year guarantee, and can be repaired should the need arise.

The Standard Bayliss can exert a force of 14 lbs. at the point where it is attached to the vent. A threaded adjuster bolt can set the Bayliss to start opening the vent at temperatures between 55º and 75º F. Maximum opening of 12" is reached at approximately 20º F above the starting temperature.
Openers can be installed in a series on a long vent to replace worn-out electric vent motors. The adjuster bolt can equalize the loading so the lifters work in unison.

Easy to install with screws: top arm to vent, bottom arm to greenhouse frame. Illustrated directions included. Standard openers are about 12 inches long and fit neatly up close to the vent.

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To dis-engage opener:
To disable the Bayliss opener when needed due to heavy winds or winter weather, simply unscrew the Threaded (knurled) Adjuster, remove it completely and keep the adjuster in a safe place for later use. The vent must be tied securely. You may put a zip-tie around the opener just up from the mounting brackets to lock the vent shut. When ready to engage the vent opener, cut the ties, re-install the Threaded Adjuster. Check to be sure screws are firmly attaching vent opener to the vent frame each season prior to use.

You do not have to remove the Bayliss power tube in freezing weather.