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Use Gasket Washers on Washer Head Screws where fastening the center of panels to support blocking. The 1" wide EPDM Rubber Gasket Washer spreads out the sealing pressure around the Washer Head Screw, providing more holding power and a better seal. Choose packs of 25, 50 or 100.

B7406 Washer Head Screws sold separately.

(Neo Bonded Galvanized Washer:  1" OD will accept a #8 up to a #14 screw. Rubber creates a watertight seal on smooth surfaces.)

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  • Use 1 or 2 Washer Head Screws with Gasket Washer (16" apart) to hold down the center of a 4' x 8' panel.
  • Use 2 Washer Head Screws with Gasket Washer (16" apart) for a 4' x 10' panel.
  • Use multiple sets of 2 Washer Head Screws with Gasket Washer to secure the center of panels over 10 ft long.
  • Drill a 1/4" hole in the polycarbonate for each Washer Head Screw.  Do not use Washer Head Screws as a substitute for bar caps on the edges of the panels.  Bar caps allow the panel to expand and contract with minimum stress to the panel. 

BUILDER NOTE:  Gasket washers are used when you need to put a screw directly through the polycarbonate.  Usually the only time you put a screw through the polycarbonate is at the center for a 4 x 8, 4 x 10, or 4 x 12 panel.  Since the edges are held in by pressure, if a strong enough wind comes through, this large of a panel can be bowed upward and may pop out of the edges.  The one (or two on a 4 x 12) screw(s) holds the center of the panel down but allows the panel to expand and contract away from the screw.  The gasket washer spreads the pressure of the screw head over a larger surface so that the screw won't tear through the panel or crush the panel when it is tightened.

Poly 101 PDF - How To Install Polycarbonate Panels