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Super Replacement Power Tube w/ Super Lock Washer for Bayliss MK7 Super


For use with Bayliss MK7 Super Solar-Powered Vent Opener C3540

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NOTE:  Tube is aluminum color.
    If the piston on the replacement tube is too long and won't fit into the opener, that means the tube is hot and the wax is expanding ... Just put the tube into the refrigerator for about one-half hour and push the piston back in until it is the length needed to install into the opener.

To dis-engage opener:
To disable the Bayliss opener when needed due to heavy winds or winter weather, simply unscrew the Threaded (knurled) Adjuster, remove it completely and keep the adjuster in a safe place for later use. The vent must be tied securely. You may put a zip-tie around the opener just up from the mounting brackets to lock the vent shut. When ready to engage the vent opener, cut the ties, re-install the Threaded Adjuster. Check to be sure screws are firmly attaching vent opener to the vent frame each season prior to use.

You do not have to remove the Bayliss power tube in freezing weather. 
SAFETY NOTE: To install replacement tube,
remove Bayliss unit from vent frame and
bring to your workbench.

Click here for instructions Charley's PDF.

Click here for instructions Mfg UK PDF.