Charley's Humidity System with Mist Timer (1.0 gph) Leaf

Improves climate control - M6004-MIST-B

Keep your plants healthy and happily growing by maintaining essential moisture in the greenhouse air. Whenever greenhouse vents are open, valuable humidity is lost. Electric and vented gas heaters can also seriously reduce humidity. This system will automatically maintain the humidity level you select. The evaporation of the mist can also help cool the greenhouse on hot, sunny days. The 24-volt electrical components are prewired and ready to plug into your GFI protected, 120 volt outlet.

Charley's Humidity System with Mist Timer includes 10 misting nozzles (1.0 gph, nozzle color is white or gray as available), 10 PVC nozzle tees, E3353 Short-Range Mist Timer, 24-volt solenoid valve with transformer, water filter, pressure gauge, anti-drip valve, and 20 clic PVC pipe hangers (1/2" PVC pipe* not included - see below).

Suggested for use in greenhouses up to 12' x 16'. Maximum output is 10 gallons per hour. Optimum water pressure is 75 psi, but will work as low as 40 psi and as high as 110 psi.

[ *PLEASE NOTE: Clic PVC Pipe Hangers fit rigid Schedule 40 PVC pipe with 1/2" ID (inside diameter) and 3/4" OD (outside diameter). Clic Hangers do not fit Schedule 80 PVC pipe. ]

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