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Removes chlorine for healthier plants - W5423-CMP

Eliminate the harsh toxic effects of chlorine in your greenhouse and garden. The result will be healthier, faster-growing plants that have more resistance to pests. The Chlorgon Water Filter removes total chlorine, as well as lead, rust, sediments, and odors … Plus, it is pH balanced. Simply attach to your hose bib and hose. Flow rate 2.5 gpm. Size 4" x 3".

Replace the Cartridge annually for best results, see W5423-REF.

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Protect your Chlorgon:
Do not leave your system under constant pressure that can build up. Turn off the faucet to relieve pressure from the system. Also, secure your garden hose so it does not stress the Chlorgon housing when the hose is moved or pulled.

Click here for instructions PDF.