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May use with misting systems - W5074

Reduce or eliminate “white spots” on plant leaves caused by hard water. Protect misting and watering equipment from calcium build-up. Reduces nozzle clogging. 5-micron sediment filter with polyphosphate element. Connects to standard garden hose fittings. Max. 1 GPM flow. Max. pressure 125 psi.

General Product Information:
Universal calcium inhibitor filter.
5 micron water filter with polyphosphate crystals. Recommended for use in areas with hard water to reduce nozzle clogging. Includes a particle filter. The filter has both a female end and a male end, and they are both 3/4".
-- For outdoor use with cold water only under normal city water pressure.
-- Dimensions:  2-1/2“ diameter, 6-3/4” length.

Install in any convenient location to a standard hose fitting. Be sure to keep the filter away from any heat source. Inline filters are most effective when installed in a down flow condition. To achieve a down flow condition, follow the installation directions below.
1 -- Connect the Inlet side (follow the flow direction arrow imprint) to the water supply line.
2 -- Turn on the water.
3 -- Allow it to drain into a container until it runs clear.
4 -- Connect the output side of the filter to the system.
**Do not install this filter to a multi-story building without a pressure regulating device installed pre filter or where water is microbiologically unsafe.

Normal Micron Rating – 5 Microns
Approximate Gallon Life – Seasonally
Maximum Temperature – 120 degrees F
Burst Pressure – 500 psi
Maximum Flow Rate – 1 gpm
Maximum Pressure – 125 psi

Replace every 12 months or if it becomes clogged and water will not flow.

Common Recommendations:
-- Recommended for use before any misting/watering system.
-- Reduce hard water damage on all plants, particularly during heavy growing/watering seasons.