Outdoor Hummingbird Comfortmeter Leaf

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Outdoor temperature / humidity monitor

2 or more $49.95 each

Gardeners, weather watchers, and bird lovers will all enjoy this outdoor temperature/humidity monitor. The classic design features a hummingbird in flight. Easy to read at a glance, the 4" dial has both Fahrenheit and Celsius scales on the left and shows a range of 20 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. The hygrometer shows percentage of relative humidity on the right.

A swivel arm lets you mount and adjust it for the perfect viewing angle. Designed to withstand the hardship of outdoor use. Crafted of durable, crystal-clear glass and long-lasting anodized aluminum with a bronze patina finish. Perfect for deck, patio, porch, greenhouse, and more! Mounting bracket and hardware included. Dimensions: 6.2" x 4.0" x 1.2"