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Greenhouse Thermostat


Reliable control - E3127

This quality thermostat will automatically control a fan system or heater. The moisture-resistant case offers protection from the wet greenhouse climate. The external stainless steel temperature sensor is very accurate and quick to respond to temperature changes. The large temperature dial is easy to read and set. (The dial is marked with 2° increments - celsius and fahrenheit.) Temperature Range: 40° to 100° F. Rated: 14 amps, 1500 watts, 120 volts.


E3127-HW  Hard-Wire: Ready for your electrician to hard wire to control either a vent system or a 120-volt portable heater. (No power cord.)

Q&A for Hard-Wire Fan and Pre-Wired Fan Thermostat:

Question:  So I hooked everything up according to instructions from power supply to thermostat to fan.  It works, but it seems to be reversed.  When I set the temp to higher, the fan turns off, and when I lower it to below the air temp, it turns on.
Answer:  The wiring is correct. This is the correct operation for a cooling fan. The fan should only turn off when the ambient (room) temperature is below the thermostat set point. If you want 85 degrees maximum, set the thermostat for 85 degrees.  The fan will turn On at any temperature above 85, and turn off when the room temperature drops below 85 degrees.

Click here for E3127 (VC012) thermostat fan system instructions PDF.

Click here for VC012 Cooling Wiring Tips PDF.

For prewired (with power cord) Heater and Fan Thermostats, see E3124-FAN and E3124-HEAT.