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Pre-Wired Fan Speed Control (weather-resistant, series plug, 120V, 5 amp)


Portable Fan Control

Continuously variable solid-state control lets you select the proper exhaust fan speed and minimum fan starting speed for your greenhouse. Also used on air circulation fans. No wiring needed. Pre-wired 8 ft cord with series plug. Just plug the fan into back of plug and plug into wall outlet. Weather-resistant plastic housing. 120 volts, 5 amps.

A fan speed control is commonly used in the winter when less ventilation is required and too much cold air flow can harm greenhouse plants.

*  Fan speed range: 30% to 100% - great for direct control of 120V fans/ventilators.
*  Can handle 5 full load amps @120V
*  For use with variable speed fans
*  Weatherproof enclosure
*  Pre-Wired 8 ft power cord with series plug
*  Weather-resistant enclosure
*  Made in USA

Click here for instructions PDF.

Click here for general fan system instructions PDF.