Charley's Electric Water Valve Assembly Leaf

Reliable flow control - W6044-B

0-252 gph with Misting Solenoid 

Set up your misting or watering system for automatic control and monitoring with this ready-to-use assembly. Easily connects to your 1/2" PVC pipe or hose with adapters included. Features include brass solenoid valve with stainless steel plunger. Ideal for misting control because, unlike diaphragm valves, this snap-action design quickly shuts off water flow. 24-volt solenoid coil has a transformer, ready to plug into your 120-volt timer or humidistat. A built-in pressure gauge is handy for monitoring correct system pressure. A removable fine mesh filter protects the valve and your entire system. A manual shutoff valve allows backup control and filter cleaning. Flow rate up to 4.2 gallons per minute.

Optimum water pressure is 75 psi but will work as low as 40 psi and as high as 110 psi.

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