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Frost Protek


Protect your favorite plants from weather, deer, birds, and other pests. These durable covers are made of breathable, lightweight polypropylene – the same fabric used by commercial growers. Drawstrings and cord-locks make them easy to install and secure. Reuse year after year.

  • Protect from frost to 26° F
  • Insulates better than sheets or other makeshift items
  • Lightweight – doesn’t crush plants like blankets
  • Breathable – let’s air and UV light reach the plant

Size: (It is a rectangular shape)

  • Plant Cover Large: 48" H x 55" W, the width of drawstring opening is 55"
  • Plant Cover X-Large: 72" H x 67" W. width of drawstring opening is 67"
  • Row Cover5 ft x 10 ft
Plant cover ideal for:
  • hanging baskets
  • container plantings
  • tomatoes
  • seedling flats
  • small shrubs
  • upright plants

Row cover ideal for:

  • in-ground planting beds
  • trellises
  • blueberry or raspberry bushes
  • small shrubs
  • patio trees such as ficus or palm
  • odd side plants and more
  • on and off in seconds!
  • easy to store – reuse year after year
  • drawstrings and cord locks securely hold the cover in place
  • hanging straps for hanging baskets
  • quick to dry
  • lightweight, breathable, sage green fabric is 100% non-woven polypropylene, 0.9 oz weight (30 gsm)
  • 70% light transmission

For Hanging Baskets, use Plant Covers:

  1. hang the strap on the Bag onto the plant hook – the Bag will stay in place so you have both hands free
  2. tuck the plant into the Bag
  3. pull the drawstrings tight around the top of the plant and cinch it in place with the cord locks
For Flats or Seedling Trays, use Plant Covers:
  1. slide the tray into the Bag
  2. pull drawstrings tight and cinch in place with the cord locks
For Tomatoes, Upright Plants, or Container Plants, use Plant Covers:
  1. drape the Bag over the plant
  2. pull drawstrings tight around the base of the plant or container and cinch in place with the cord locks

For Garden Rows, use Row Cover:

  1. drape or wrap the cover over the plant
  2. secure in place as needed