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Plant Communicator
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Instantly and accurately know your plants’ moisture and fertilizer needs. This unique instrument measures moisture in the soil and the level of soluble salts (fertilizer). You will know instantly by means of a distinctive sound how to make your plants happy. A slow click means “Feed me”...a fast click “Water me lightly”... purring like a kitten means “I’m very content”... or a high-pitched cry “Help, I’m overfertilized!”

The Plant Communicator is preferred by plant care professionals because its wide range of sounds provides more information, it is faster than reading a meter, and it tests in dense foliage or hanging plants where a meter is not easy to read. Once you’ve tried it, it will be your favorite, too! 6" probes. 15-volt battery included.

Directions for use:
1. Check plants by inserting the probe onto soil to root level (2” to 4”).
2. If the Plant Communicator purrs, your plants and soil are fine. The probes are sensitive only at the tips. The reading obtained indicates the amount of moisture and fertility at the depth the probe is inserted.
3. If after watering the Plant Communicator gives a clicking sound approximately 2 clicks per second or less, your plant needs fertilizer.
4. If the plant communicator gives a buzzing sound or a shrill whistle, the soil is over fertilized or might be too alkaline. (If over fertilized, leach until it purrs.)

Your Plant Communicator will be ready when you insert the 15-volt batttery.

Common Recommendations:
1. Slow click (“Feed Me”) fast click (“Just a snack”) purr (“I’m O.K.) high pitched cry (“I’m over fertilized”)
2. Plants can be classified into three groups:  Wet Plants, Moist Plants, Dry Plants.
3. Wet plants should not be watered until the purring sound is reduced to a rapid clicking sound.
4. Moist plants should not be watered until the clicking sound is reduced to about 1 click per second.
5. Dry plants should not be watered until the clicking sound is less than 1 click every 2 seconds.

REPLACEMENT BATTERY 15 volt, # E2671 (see photo for battery instructions.)

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