Knitted Shade Panel 65% Ulta Tan Leaf

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This fabric blocks 65% of sunlight - C2157

Avoid plant-killing high temperatures in your greenhouse. Some shading is required during spring, summer, and early fall. Plan to cover the roof and south wall at least down to bench level.

Our panels have extra-strong 1 3/8" border tape for extra holding power in windy conditions. #4 brass grommets, placed 2 ft apart, allow easy and secure tie-down. Made from 100% UV-stabilized polyethylene, this knitted shade is both strong and lightweight. (10' x 12' panel is 4 lbs.) Unlike "woven" shades, this "knitted" shade will not unravel if cut. Secure panel every 2 ft to spread out evenly.

To be effective, your shade panel should come down 2 ft over the eaves, and be at least the length of the greenhouse. For example, a 10x12 panel is perfect size for 6x10, 6x12, 8x8, 8x10 -- 20x24 panel for 16x20, 16x24 - standard 5/12 slope greenhouse.

65% density*
*Density is the percentage of sunlight blocked by the shade.

Drop ships direct from mfg. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Need a custom size? Call us 800-322-4707

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Shade Installation:
Drape the shade over your greenhouse and secure it with rope through the grommets.  If you have roof vents, open the vents all the way, then drape the shade over the greenhouse and tie down with a small amount of slack.  Anchor stakes can be twisted into the ground or eye bolts can be twisted into the wood sill plate to provide another place to attach the lines.
    If your greenhouse has cresting, simply place a grooved piece of wood on top of the cresting, then drape your shade panel over your greenhouse. This will prevent the cresting from poking holes in your shade panel. Shade panel should be tied down loose enough for your automatic roof vents to open and close.
    Panel should be secured every 2 ft to spread panel out evenly.

Take down, dry, fold and put away for winter. Can clean with mild soap and water.