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Snap Clamps for PVC Pipe, 10 pak


For use with Black Poly or PVC Pipe

These handy clamps hold down poly, row covers, shade cloth and tarps securely to a pipe frame – even in high winds and heavy rains.  Made of durable, springy plastic for a secure grip.  Flexible edge protects cover material.  Pack of 10.

Select Size using inside diameter of pipe:
* for 1/2" Pipe
* for 3/4" Pipe
* for 1" Pipe
* for 1-1/4" Pipe

Additional Info:
* Snap clamps work with schedule 40 PVC Pipe or Black Polyethylene Pipe.  Snap Clamps won't work with CPVC pipe, which is a chlorinated PVC pipe.
* Snap Clamps can work with the bendable Electrical EMT Pipe, but the sizing is different.
* For specific questions, email
Click here for instructions PDF.