Misting Solenoid Valve, 24V Leaf

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Electric misting valve

Provide on/off flow control for watering and misting systems. Our 24-volt valve is prewired with transformer, ready to plug into your 120-volt control (timer or humidistat). The Misting Solenoid Valve is designed for high pressure (0 - 500 psi) and low flow rate (0 - 252 gph) misting systems. Features a brass body, 1/4 pipe threads, and direct plunger-type valve.

Important: Always install a water filter before the solenoid valve.

Order M6121 Adapters separately if needed:
M6121-PVC – For ½” PVC Pipe to Solenoid
M6121-Hose – For Garden Hose to Solenoid

(component of Charley's W6044 Electric Water Valve Assembly)