Whedon SuperSpray Faucet Aerator SU7C Leaf

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Swivel, spray and stream faucet aerator

The spray body lets you choose between a wide forceful shower-like spray or a softer aerated stream. The swivel action lets you direct the spray or stream right where you want it, standard aerators only provide a stream that goes straight down. 2.2 Gallons Per Minute (GPM)

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-- Pulling DOWN on spray body creates wider, more forceful SPRAY, makes rinsing anything quick and easy. Pushing UP on spray body creates aerated STREAM, reduces splash. Swivels in both Spray and Stream mode.
-- Installs easily with male or female threads:  Unscrew existing aerator from faucet and clean faucet threads.
For faucets with female (inside) threads, screw into faucet as is - keeping larger washer over screen washer - tighten carefully with pliers if necessary.
For faucets with male (outside) threads, remove large washer - exposing threads on SuperSpray - keep screen washer in place and screw onto faucet - tighten carefully with pliers if necessary.
-- Complies with Federal Energy Conservation Act, 2.2 Gallons Per Minute (GPM) maximum flow rate at 60 psi. 2.0 GPM at 45 psi.
-- Complies with "Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act" Public Law 111-380. Wetted surface areas average less than 0.25% lead content.
-- Country of origin info: Brass Swivel and connector machined and plates in USA. Spray Body made in Italy. Assembled and packaged in the USA. Whedon Products, Inc. "The Flow Pro" W. Hartford, CT 06110 ... Model SU7C