Parkside Cape Cod by Cross Country Leaf

The Parkside Greenhouse is a Cape Cod with a black aluminum frame, decorative ridge cresting, and steep roof that creates a beautiful English greenhouse look. The decorative base panels provide a fully finished look that eliminates the need and cost of a concrete foundation.

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The high peak makes a charming addition to any garden setting with its exquisite architectural design; creating a charming focal point in any garden setting. This greenhouse’s outstanding features set it apart. Its high peak roof design provides spacious headroom for hanging baskets and taller plants. In winter, the roof sheds snow readily, allowing maximum sunlight to enter. The strong aluminum frame has a durable, black enameled finish to preserve its attractive appearance. (White, green, and brown color choices are also available.) Large automatic roof vents allow excess hot air to escape. The wide, storm/screen door comes with a key lock and has a built-in fresh air screen.

The Parkside is a beautiful, maintenance-free frame that comes with a lifetime warranty!

Actual Size (Width x Length x Height):
* 8 x 10 model is 8' 7-1/2" W x 10' 8-1/2" L x 10' 2-1/8" H
* 8 x 12 model is 8' 7-1/2" W x 12' 8" L x 10' 2-1/8" H 
Eave Height is 5' 0"
( Width x Length are the outside to outside foundation dimensions. )

Extra-Strong Aluminum Framework:

  • Heavy-duty aluminum for extra-strength
  • Stands up to high winds and heavy snowfalls
  • Maintenance-free, rustproof frame
  • Each piece is pre-cut to size
  • Attractive Black enamel finish is standard, or choose White, Green, Brown

Glazing Choices:

* All Single Pane Tempered Safety Glass (1/8")

  • Attractive Glass allows you to maintain your viewing ability
  • Heat Tempered for extra strength
  • Tempered safety glass won’t break into sharp pieces
  • Maximum light transmission
  • R Value = 1.0

* Twinwall Roof with Single Pane Tempered Safety Glass Walls

  • The best of both worlds, insulated 6mm TwinWall roof to help keep in the heat and glass walls for maximum viewing ability.  With light transmission of 85%, the TwinWall roof diffuses sunlight for more even growing.
  • R Value for roof = 1.6
  • R Value for walls = 1.0

Automatic Ventilation:

  • Provides natural ventilation by allowing hot, stale air to escape, whether you're at home or not!
  • Automatic Double-Bay Roof Vents (48" x 24") are standard with solar-powered auto openers. 
  • Optional Double-Bay Side Vents (48" x 24"), automatic or manual, are available to increase ventilation.
  • Optional Roof and Side Vent Screens.
  • Optional Automatic Fan Ventilation Systems available.

Decorative Ridge Cresting

Pre-Hung Storm/Screen Door

  • Adjustable sliding glass panel lets in fresh air
  • Lockable door latch with keys
  • Door Size: 32” x 76”
  • Door Drop not available.
  • Hinge placement - either side

Decorative Aluminum Base Panels

  • Eliminates the need and cost of a concrete foundation

Simple to Assemble

  • Detailed instructions provided
  • No contractor or special tools required
  • Bolt holes are pre-drilled, the door is pre-hung
  • Bolt frame together, insert glazing, fasten bar caps

Greenhouses ship throughout the U.S. via motor freight - please call to order. (Or arrange pick up at Charley's Mount Vernon, Washington store.)

Prices subject to change without notice.