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One of our most popular greenhouses, the Traditional is also the easiest to build. Assembly is simple and intuitive, with nothing to cut, drill, or bend.

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With sidewalls at 5'-7" high, there is plenty of headroom inside. The roof slope is lower to reduce heating costs in winter, but steep enough for snow to slide off whenever the greenhouse is heated by the sun. The eaves are designed to accept gutters if you want to collect rainwater for your plants. This modular system is easy to customize, and sections can be added later to extend the length.

  • Our most popular greenhouse design since the 1950’s - ideal for the backyard
  • Classic straight eave greenhouse kit provides maximum natural light year-round
  • Maximizes the most available floor space
  • Minimizes heating costs due to the reduced volume and lower pitch of the roof

Slope:  5/12, Pitch 23 degrees
Standard Eave Height is 5' 7"

Dealer Specials on separate web pages:  8x8 Legacy and 8x8 Sunhaven

Actual Size (W x L x H):

* 6 wide door size 26" x 72"
** Width x Length are the outside to outside foundation dimensions.
It is important that the foundation is built to the actual measurements of the greenhouse foundation size as seen above.

Extra-Strong Aluminum Framework:

  • Heavy-duty aluminum for extra strength
  • Stands up to high winds and heavy snowfalls (85 mph, 32 lbs/sq ft)
  • Maintenance-free, rustproof frame
  • Each piece is pre-cut to size
  • Your choice of white, green or brown finish

Attractive Glazing Options:

1.  Single Pane 1/8" Tempered Safety Glass

  • Attractive and durable
  • Heat tempered for safety and high impact resistance
  • An adhesive gasket seals the glass to the aluminum frame for a draft-free fit

2.  6mm Insulating TwinWall Polycarbonate

  • Double-wall polycarbonate efficiently traps heat produced by the sun and insulates against the cold
  • Excellent light transmission of 85%
  • Diffuses sunlight for more even growing
  • Minimizes interior condensation

3.  Single Pane Glass w/ 6mm TwinWall Roof

  • The best of both worlds, insulated roof to help keep in the heat and glass walls for maximum viewing ability

Automatic Ventilation:

  • Provides natural ventilation by allowing hot, stale air to escape, whether you're at home or not!
  • Automatic Double-Bay Roof Vents (48" x 24") are standard with solar-powered auto openers. 
  • Optional Double-Bay Side Vents (48" x 24"), automatic or manual, are available to increase ventilation.
  • Optional Roof and Side Vent Screens.
  • Optional Automatic Fan Ventilation Systems available.

Pre-Hung Storm/Screen Door

  • Adjustable 5-position sliding glass panel lets in fresh air
  • Lockable door latch with keys
  • Door Size: 32" x 76"
  • Door Drop available - ask for pricing
  • Hinge placement - either side

Simple to Assemble

  • Detailed instructions provided
  • No contractor or special tools required
  • Bolt holes are pre-drilled, the door is pre-hung
  • Bolt frame together, insert glazing, fasten bar caps


Also available in all 5-Wall Polycarbonate, or 5/8" Insulated Double-Pane Safety Glass with 5-Wall Roof.

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Greenhouses ship throughout the U.S. via motor freight - please call to order. (Or arrange pick up at Charley's Mount Vernon, Washington location.)

Prices subject to change without notice.