Univent Automatic Vent Opener Leaf

J. Orbesen Teknik APS
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Greenhouse Accessories
Greenhouse Cooling
Solar Powered
Vent Openers
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Multiple uses - C3515

This unique solar vent control will open and close roof vents, a cold frame lid, top-hinged wall vents, or even the greenhouse door. It features two closing springs for extra strength. The Univent solar vent opener is the only solar-powered control with a quick-release mounting bracket. Just grasp the “clutch” arm and squeeze for easy detachment. This allows a cold frame lid to be fully opened for access to the plants.

The solar-powered cylinder can be adjusted in 1° F increments for opening temperatures between 60° F and 77° F. Full opening of 18" is reached at 86° F. Lifting capacity is 15 lbs. Installation is simple using the mounting clamps for aluminum vents or screw directly to a wooden frame-work. Materials are corrosion-resistant aluminum and stainless steel. Made in Denmark by J. Orbesen Teknik.

Note: Cylinder should not be allowed to freeze. Freezing can compromise the seal, causing it to break and leak, which will render the mechanism inoperable.