Garden Supplies

  • Brass Hose Shut Off Valve

    Brass Hose Shut Off Valve

    Lasts a lifetime! - W4374 Our solid, rugged brass valve has a large bore to allow full water flow. Dramm's #300 Brass Shut-Off Valve provides fingertip water control at the end of your greenhouse hose. A quarter turn of the 2" toggle lever and the water...

  • Brass Hose Y with Shut Offs

    Brass Hose Y with Shut Offs

    With shut-offs Turn your traditional garden faucet into two independent faucets for more watering coverage. Made of rust-proof brass for long life, with leak-free stainless steel ball valves. Rubberized coatings give better grip. Each outlet is...

  • Brass Nozzle Plug, 1/8", 5 pak

    Brass Nozzle Plug, 1/8", 5 pak

    A brass fitting used with Item #M6045 (PVC Misting Tee) to plug up a hole in the tee when not using Poly Misting Nozzles (Item #M6032-1-White or #M6032-2-Blue). Will fit 1/8” pipe thread. Pack of 5.  

  • Brass Quick Connect Set with Shut Off

    Brass Quick Connect Set with Shut Off

    Make using your garden hose quick and simple with the Brass Quick Connect Set. Unlike the traditional method of twisting on watering tools, you can now quickly swap out different nozzles and sprinklers by simply pushing in the quick connect. Set includes...

    $3.50 - $7.95
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    Charley's Watering Wand, 16"

    Charley's Watering Wand, 16"

    Fast, gentle watering - W2315 Water your plants in half the time! The secret is in the special nozzle. Hundreds of very tiny holes break up a heavy flow of water into a gentle shower that won’t wash soil away. The wand is made of lightweight, anodized...

  • Chlorgon Water Filter

    Chlorgon Water Filter

    Removes chlorine for healthier plants - W5423-CMP Eliminate the harsh toxic effects of chlorine in your greenhouse and garden. The result will be healthier, faster-growing plants that have more resistance to pests. The Chlorgon Water Filter removes total...

  • Citrus Leafminer Trap & Lure, 2 pack

    Citrus Leafminer Trap & Lure, 2 pack

    Monterey Advanced Trapping System - R3829 Control unwanted insects in your greenhouse, home, and garden. Pesky insects are attracted to the bright, yellow color and then killed by the powerful sticky glue. Eco-friendly and non-toxic. After use can be...

  • Clear Orchid Cone Pot

    Clear Orchid Cone Pot

    Minimum order qty = 5 pots Room to grow, room to breathe - P1712 This clear orchid pot features a raised center cone and legs on the underside for superior circulation and drainage. Continuous internal ribs, with bottom and side holes. Roots grow around...

  • Coiled Hose, 3/8" ID

    Coiled Hose, 3/8" ID

    Ideal for watering in the greenhouse, home, patio or smaller garden. This 100% polyurethane Water Right hose has memory polymers that allow it to expand and contract millions of times without losing the ability to recoil. Strong, but lightweight, it is...

    $34.95 - $64.95
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    Color Spectrum 12W LED Grow Bulbs

    Color Spectrum 12W LED Grow Bulbs

    Grow indoors all year These LED grow bulbs replace up to a 150 Watt Flood, using only 12 watts of power. Grow plants and vegetables indoors year-round, and give your plants the natural light they crave without the UV.Based on NASA Color Spectrum...

  • Compartment Pot Paks, break apart

    Compartment Pot Paks, break apart

    Plant starter (Minimum quantity 5) Reusable plastic containers featuring individual cells to keep root systems separate. Ideal for cuttings or seedlings. Drain holes in the bottom and sidewalls assure proper drainage. Size: 10" x 20" x 2-1/4" deep...

  • Crop Cover

    Crop Cover

    Plant Protection Keep your garden plants warmer and growing longer in the fall and earlier in the spring. Crop Cover acts as a greenhouse: lets 80% of sunlight in, excess heat escapes during the day and ground heat is retained at night. This non-woven...

    $44.95 - $89.95
  • Daisy Support Clips

    Daisy Support Clips

    Use these inconspicuous, green, plastic daisy clips to support your blooms. Medium size. Pack of 50.

  • Deep Square Plant Pots, Black - STORE ONLY

    Deep Square Plant Pots, Black - STORE ONLY

    Allow extra root growth Ideal for perennials and other nursery stock that require extra root development. Internal ribs inhibit root spiraling. Flexible plastic for easy transplanting. 4 drain slots. Optional Carry Tray with drain holes. (Order pots...