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Greenhouse Equipment

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    Liberty Automatic Louver Opener

    For automatic ventilation The Sesam Liberty solar-powered control will open and close a louver window as temperatures change, enhancing airflow t...

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  • $135.00

    Heat Saver Fan

    Bring heat down to the plants! This fan is specially designed to pull warm air off the ceiling and push it down to the floor. This provides thre...

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  • $4.99

    BY THE FOOT - Green Knitted Shade Fabric 60%, per ft

    Economical shading Avoid plant-killing high temperatures in your greenhouse. Some shading is required during spring, summer, and early fall. Plan t...

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  • from $210.00

    Charley's Cedar Grid-Top Bench Kit

    Combines our Best Bench Top with the warm look of an insect and rot-resistant hand-selected Western Red Cedar frame. Use transparent wood stain or ...

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    from $210.00
  • from $74.95

    Lockknit Shade Fabric Kit, 60% density, green

    A low-cost option for shading your greenhouse!   Economical, lightweight, and easy to handle. Cut to any shape or size. It will not unravel. 100% U...

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    from $74.95
  • from $34.95

    Coiled Hose, 3/8" ID

    Ideal for watering in the greenhouse, home, patio or smaller garden. This 100% polyurethane Water Right hose has memory polymers that allow it to...

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    from $34.95
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    Greenhouse Gardener's Companion by Shane Smith

    Growing Food & Flowers in Your Greenhouse or Sunspace Here is an EXCELLENT resource book for anyone who is serious about building or buying a h...

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  • $19.95


    Automatic cold frame vent USES NO ELECTRICITY! Opens and closes by a temperature-sensitive spring mechanism. Range 40ºF to 70ºF. Install one front ...

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  • $5.95

    Grommet Clips

    For shade fabric tie-down Snap these 10-toothed plastic grommets onto the edge of your shade. Use your rope or cord to tie to greenhouse frame or f...

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  • $18.95

    Thermostatic Outlet

    Simple plug-in temperature control The Thermo Cube® is thermostatically controlled and turns power on and off automatically, according to outside a...

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  • $52.50

    Table-Top Finger-Safe Fan

    Set this sleek fan anywhere you want to improve air circulation – bench, shelf or hang from a wall or rafter. It features an extra-safe, soft blade...

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  • $9.95

    Dyna-Gro Orchid Pro 7-8-6

    For vibrant growth and blooms Use this single UREA-FREE formulation all year round to enjoy healthy orchid growth and flowering. Nutritionally co...

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  • $3.50

    Poly Misting Nozzle

    White Nozzle: 1.0 GPH - For propagation & overhead misting Blue Nozzle: 2.0 GPH - For cooling, watering & humidity control These nozzles ar...

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  • from $208.00

    Charley's All Cedar Wood Bench Kit

    Solid Cedar Benches Exclusively from Charley’s, these benches are crafted from hand-selected Western Red Cedar, an ideal material because of its ...

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    from $208.00
  • $12.95

    Elite Insulation Liner Clips, 30 pk

    These fasteners provide a quick and neat method to attach bubble insulation, poly, or shade fabric to the inside of most aluminum greenhouses. The ...

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  • $99.95

    Bayliss MK7 Hydraulicheck Solar Vent Opener

    Heavy-Duty Control The Bayliss MK7 Hydraulicheck solar vent opener is the best choice for large roof vents and side-hinged wall vents. A built-in...

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  • from $3.95

    Elite Square Head Nuts & Bolts, 1/2" L

    Fit most English Garden Greenhouses Replacement bolts and nuts for use in the construction of most English Garden aluminum greenhouses. For "Englis...

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    from $3.95
  • from $5.95

    Elite English "T" Nuts & Bolts, 1./2" L

    Fits Most English Style Greenhouses Special universal "T" Head Bolts for fitting accessories to the inside of English style greenhouses. Insert in ...

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    from $5.95
  • $23.50

    Jumbo Hygro-Thermometer

    Know your greenhouse climate. You'll find multiple uses for and multiple places to put this hygro-thermometer. Check the large number LCD display ...

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  • from $149.00

    Knitted Shade Panel 87% Forest Green or Gray

    This fabric blocks 87% of sunlight Avoid plant-killing high temperatures in your greenhouse. Some shading is required during spring, summer, and ea...

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    from $149.00
  • $12.95

    Digital Moisture Meter

    By far, the most common way to kill plants is overwatering. Take the guesswork out of watering with our handsome, Digital Moisture Meter. Just inse...

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  • $7.95

    Pocket Soil Thermometer

    Verify your soil temperature for rapid seed germination and quicker rooting. Carry this thermometer in your pocket and use it for quick, accurate s...

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  • $69.95

    LaCrosse Color Weather Station

    Quickly see indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, weather forecast, daily high/low outdoor temperature records, and more with this high-tech...

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  • $1.60

    Clear Orchid Pot

    Min. Order Qty. = 5 This round, clear pot features a raised center cone in the bottom and legs on the underside for superior circulation and draina...

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