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Greenhouse Equipment

  • $10.50

    Professional Misting System - Tubing, 3/8" x 20 ft

    To expand Professional Misting System Kit (M6070-KIT) Expand your existing system with this UV-treated tubing. Can be cut to exact lengths for a c...

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  • $9.25

    Professional Misting System - Slip-Lok Fitting w/Nozzle

    Slip-Lok fitting w/Nozzle to expand Professional Misting System Kit (M6070-KIT) Expand your existing system with this brass Slip-Lok Fitting w/Noz...

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  • from $22.30

    Adapters for Solenoid M6158-B

    Use with Misting Solenoid Valve (M6158-B) Our adapters make adding the brass solenoid valve to your misting systems a snap. SELECT FROM: 1/2" PVC P...

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    from $22.30
  • $11.50

    Pressure Regulator, 40 psi outlet, Hose/Hose

    Preset 40 psi. Hose thread. Every system experiences pressure fluctuations resulting in unwanted flow deviations and over and under-watering.  Op...

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  • $59.95

    Brass Vermont Comfortmeter

    Monitor temperature and humidity The thermometer measures in both Fahrenheit and Celsius on the left scale and the hygrometer shows the percentage ...

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  • $794.95

    Evaporative Cooler, 2800 cfm

    Provides natural cooling Enjoy fresh, naturally cooled air at a fraction of the cost of air-conditioning. Plus an Evaporative Cooler adds humidi...

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  • $99.95

    Charley's Mounting Panel for Empire Gas Heater

    Made-to-order for Empire gas heaters - C4200 Optional with Charley's greenhouse models is the Mounting Panel Kit for Empire Gas Heater. Panel is...

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  • $269.00

    Electric Blower for Empire Gas Heater

    C4135 The optional Empire gas heater Blower is recommended to increase air circulation through the heater and distribute heat. It can be added at ...

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  • 240-Volt Portable Heater

    240-Volt Portable Heater

    High Heat Output Gives Extra Protection BIG 4,000-watt heating capacity (13,652 Btu’s) provides 2-1/2 times more heat than any 120-volt heater! A...

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  • $32.00

    Mega Vent Replacement Cylinder

    For use with Mega Vent solar-powered opener (C3530) from Orbesen Teknik in Denmark. Cylinder color is black, 1" diameter and smooth.

  • $9.95

    Table-Top Finger-Safe Fan Replacement Blade

    Replacement blade for TableTop Finger Safe Fan (C3006). This unique 7" Finger-Safe Blade has a soft plastic edge so it’s absolutely safe without a ...

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  • from $92.00

    Weather Hood for Exhaust Fans & Shutters

    Weather protection Protect your shuttered exhaust fan and shutters against harsh weather and severe wind. Extend their life. Our galvanized-steel w...

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    from $92.00
  • $27.50

    Power Supply Kit ( power cord )

    For exhaust fans. - C3009 Kit includes 12 ft. cord set with ground wire, clamps, and wire nuts. Installation:It is recommended to have an electri...

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  • Out of Stock

    Shade Stand-Off Kit - Extra Center Support

    For use with C2090 Shade Stand-Off Kit - C2092 Extra center support is needed for ridge beams that are 20 ft long in windy locations, and 24 ft lon...

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  • Out of Stock

    Shade Stand-Off Kit

    For better air circulation - C2090 Provide extra cooling for your greenhouse by suspending the shade panel 9" above the ridge beam. This allows bet...

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