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Thermostatic Outlet


Simple plug-in temperature control.

Cooling Thermostatic Outlet (Red): Provides automatic on/off control for most types of fans, including exhaust fans, window fans, air circulation fans. Protect against high temperatures with this grounded, thermostatically controlled outlet. Simply plug into your wall outlet, and its built-in thermostat (non-adjustable) can turn your equipment on at 78˚ F and off at 70˚ F.

Heating Thermostatic Outlet (Ivory): Protect against ice, frost, and freezing temperatures with this grounded thermostatic outlet. Simply plug into your outlet and its built-in thermostat (non-adjustable) will energize the outlet at 35° F, off at 45° F. Rated: 120 volts, 1800 watts, 15 amps. UL listed.

Use with:
Heater – for low range temperature control (most heaters don’t regulate below 50° F). Control backup heater.
Heat Cables – keep soil from freezing in outdoor planter boxes.
Frost Alarm – plug-in alarm device like a radio or orange light bulb.
Pond/Birdbath – controls de-icer to save energy.