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Simple plug-in temperature control

The Thermo Cube® is thermostatically controlled and turns power on and off automatically, according to outside ambient air temperature. Best of all it saves money by using power only when the temperatures require.

  • Operates any 110/120 volt equipment up to 15 amps, 1800 watts maximum. Use on specific voltage only and make sure electrical outlet is not overloaded.
  • Two grounded outlets
  • UL listed

Cooling Thermostatic Outlet (Red):  Protect against high temperatures. Provides automatic on/off control for most types of fans, including exhaust fans, window fans, air circulation fans. Simply plug into your wall outlet, and its built-in thermostat (non-adjustable) can turn your equipment on at 78° F and off at 70° F.

Heating Thermostatic Outlet (Ivory):  Protect against ice, frost, and freezing temperatures. Simply plug into your outlet and its built-in thermostat (non-adjustable) will energize the outlet at 35° F, off at 45° F.

Use Heating Thermostatic Outlet with:
Heater – for low range temperature control (most heaters don’t regulate below 50° F). Control backup heater.
Heat Cables – keep soil from freezing in outdoor planter boxes.
Frost Alarm – plug-in alarm device like a radio or orange light bulb.
Pond/Birdbath – controls de-icer to save energy.