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Retail Store Update!

Greenhouse Equipment

  • from $29.95

    Replacement Power Tube w/ Lock Washer for Bayliss MK7 Triple Spring

    Select temperature range: #1 Standard Tube Replacement for Bayliss Triple Spring & Hydraulicheck Solar-Powered vent openers (C3503 & C3509)...

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    from $29.95
  • from $7.00

    Snap Clamps for PVC Pipe, 10 pak

    For use with Black Poly or PVC Pipe These handy clamps hold down poly, row covers, shade cloth and tarps securely to a pipe frame – even in high wi...

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    from $7.00
  • from $49.95

    Aluminum Shutter

    Provides fresh air Greenhouse shutters allow air to be drawn into the greenhouse by the exhaust fan. SELECT: The Heavy-Duty Aluminum Shutter requir...

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    from $49.95
  • from $5.25

    Elite English Wire Spring Glazing Clips

    Fits English Garden Greenhouses Stainless steel wire clips used to clamp glazing material up to 1/4" thick into the greenhouse frame. The butterfly...

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    from $5.25
  • $176.00

    Charley’s 120-Volt Greenhouse Heater

    120-Volt - C4027 Reliability, durability, and moisture-resistant design are all the qualities that make this heater more suitable for use in a gree...

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  • from $199.95

    Greenhouse Shutter Exhaust Fan

    Rugged, reliable exhaust fans Provide reliable ventilation for your greenhouse with this exhaust fan. The fan motor is totally enclosed for protect...

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    from $199.95
  • from $59.50

    Charley's Wire Shelf with Braces

    Min Order Qty. = 2 Provides more growing space - lets light and air through This attractive wire mesh shelf allows air circulation around plants ...

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    from $59.50
  • $39.95

    water right coil

    FREE Shipping Portable air circulation - C3068 Simply clamp onto the greenhouse framework. Quiet, 2-speed operation gently circulates fresh air. 6"...

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  • $74.95

    Bayliss MK7 Triple Spring Solar Vent Opener

    Harness the sun for automatic ventilation! - C3503 The Bayliss MK7 Triple Spring solar vent opener is the best choice for top-hinged wall vents. It...

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  • $56.00

    Univent Automatic Vent Opener

    Multiple uses - C3515 This unique solar vent control will open and close roof vents, a cold frame lid, top-hinged wall vents, or even the greenho...

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  • from $5.95

    Stainless Steel 10mm Bolts & Nuts, 10 pk

    Fits Cross Country (SolarGro) Greenhouses Use these hard-to-find bolts to install accessories in Cross Country (SolarGro) greenhouses. 10mm Bolts &...

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    from $5.95
  • from $114.95

    Knitted Shade Panel 60% Green

    Made in the Shade - C2151 Avoid plant-killing high temperatures in your greenhouse. Some shading is required during spring, summer, and early fall....

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    from $114.95
  • $69.95

    Solar Shutter Control Kit with Liberty Auto Opener

    Includes Liberty Opener, hardware, instructions - C3534 Automate our C3212 Heavy-Duty Aluminum Shutter* -- sizes 16", 18", 20", 24", and 30" -- to ...

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  • from $7.00

    Greenhouse Poly Cover, 6 mil UVI

    Cut to order.  Call 800-322-4707 to place your order! Our poly maintains a warmer climate and promotes more rapid plant growth. It transmits over 9...

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    from $7.00
  • from $84.00

    Cedar Wood Bottom Shelf for Charley's Benches

    D1025 Add a lower shelf and nearly double your bench space! Keep plants and supplies up off the ground. Solid cedar 1" thick boards precut and pred...

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    from $84.00
  • $49.95

    Liberty Automatic Louver Opener

    For automatic ventilation The Sesam Liberty solar-powered control will open and close a louver window as temperatures change, enhancing airflow t...

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  • $119.95

    Wall Mount Oscillating Fan, 12"

    FREE Shipping Improve your air circulation This handsomely-styled 3-speed, 12" fan provides the best type of air circulation. The oscillating a...

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  • from $18.95

    Poly Patch Tape

    Poly Mending Tape Extend the life of your covering. Mend polyethylene fast and easy. Long-lasting, super-stick, clear adhesive. UV protected. Many ...

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    from $18.95
  • from $5.95

    Elite English "T" Nuts & Bolts, 1./2" L

    Fits Most English Style Greenhouses Special universal "T" Head Bolts for fitting accessories to the inside of English style greenhouses. Insert in ...

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    from $5.95
  • $49.00

    Hard-Wire Fan Speed Control (weather-resistant), 120V, 5 amp

    Perfect Ventilation - E3131 Continuously variable solid-state control lets you select the proper exhaust fan speed and minimum fan starting speed f...

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  • $19.95

    Replacement Cylinder for Orbesen Teknik Standard Solar Openers

    For use with C3515 Univent, 3527 Optivent, 3521 Sesam Spiro, C4000 Ventomax, and C3533 Liberty Louver Solar-Powered Vent Openers from Denmark. NOTE...

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  • $3.50

    Poly Misting Nozzle

    Use with M6045 PVC Misting Tees Select:White or Gray (as available) Nozzle:  1.0 GPH with stainless steel filter - For propagation & overhead m...

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  • $188.00

    Shutter Motor

    FREE Shipping For positive control of Charley's Heavy-Duty Aluminum Shutters Assures maximum airflow by holding the shutter completely open. Preven...

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  • Save 10%
    Original price $10.95
    Current price $9.85

    Indoor Temperature and Humidity Gauge

    N2648 Temperature and humidity are the two most important climate readings you need to monitor to keep your greenhouse performing at its peak. This...

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    Original price $10.95
    Current price $9.85
    Save 10%
  • $135.00

    Heat Saver Fan

    Bring heat down to the plants! - C3086 This fan is specially designed to pull warm air off the ceiling and push it down to the floor. This provi...

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  • $5.95

    Grommet Clips

    For shade fabric tie-down Snap these 10-toothed plastic grommets onto the edge of your shade. Use your rope or cord to tie to greenhouse frame or f...

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  • from $3.95

    Elite English Pre-Formed "Z" Overlap Clips

    Fits English Garden GreenhousesStainless steel fasteners used to support and secure glass where 2 pieces overlap. Pre-formed top and bottom allow t...

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    from $3.95
  • $20.95

    Thermostatic Outlet

    Simple plug-in temperature control The Thermo Cube® is thermostatically controlled and turns power on and off automatically, according to outside a...

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  • from $252.00

    Charley's Cedar Grid-Top Bench Kit

    D1004 Combines our Best Bench Top with the warm look of an insect and rot-resistant hand-selected Western Red Cedar frame. Use transparent wood sta...

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    from $252.00
  • $7.25

    BY THE FOOT - Green Knitted Shade Fabric 60%, per ft

    Economical shading Avoid plant-killing high temperatures in your greenhouse. Some shading is required during spring, summer, and early fall. Plan t...

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  • from $94.95

    Sunblaster LED Grow Light, 6400K

    High Output LED Strip Light - L5037 This high output LED strip light has been specially developed to maximize overall performance. The full spectru...

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    from $94.95
  • Out of Stock

    Cross Country / SolarGro Foam Glazing Tape 1/4" Wide x 1/8" thick

    Closed-cell for glass or Multi-Wall polycarbonate This foam tape has a closed-cell structure that cannot absorb moisture. Black color, super sticky...

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    Out of Stock
  • $99.95

    Bayliss MK7 Hydraulicheck Solar Vent Opener

    Heavy-Duty Control The Bayliss MK7 Hydraulicheck solar vent opener is the best choice for large roof vents and side-hinged wall vents. A built-in...

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  • from $124.95

    Lockknit Shade Fabric Kit, 60% density, green

    A low-cost option for shading your greenhouse! - C2064 Economical, lightweight, and easy to handle. Cut to any shape or size. It will not unravel. ...

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    from $124.95
  • $14.95

    Down-Up Hanging Basket Pulley

    Easy height adjustment No more unsafe balancing on step ladders with heavy water cans! This handy pulley makes it easy to lower and raise your ha...

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  • $34.95

    Greenhouse Gardener's Companion by Shane Smith

    Growing Food & Flowers in Your Greenhouse or Sunspace - V9051 Here is an EXCELLENT resource book for anyone who is serious about building or ...

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