Bayliss XL Single Spring Vent Opener Leaf

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Simple, strong and easy to install

Budget “clip-on” model lifting a load of up to 12 lbs. giving a maximum opening of approximately 12″. The unit measures 11″ in length and is supplied in satin anodized finish.

  • Easy to fit - Screws into wood and clamps onto aluminum greenhouses without the need for drilling.
  • Easy to set - one simple adjustment
  • Streamlined - Loses no headroom
  • Suitable for opening hinged vents up to about 2 ft square.

About Bayliss Solar-Powered Vent Controls
These "top of the line" solar vent controls will open and close greenhouse vents automatically without electricity. Bayliss vent openers convert energy from the warmth of the sun into mechanical energy to open vents. The hotter it gets, the wider the vents are opened.

Bayliss solar vent openers are made from the best corrosion-resistant materials: brass, stainless steel, and satin anodized aluminum. They are designed to give many years of service, and can be repaired should the need arise.

Click here for instructions PDF.   

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*** You do not have to remove the Bayliss power tube in freezing weather.
*** When installing the Bayliss XL on the Winter Gardenz roof vent(s), one hole will need to be drilled.