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  • $176.00

    Charley’s 120-Volt Greenhouse Heater

    120-Volt - C4027 Reliability, durability, and moisture-resistant design are all the qualities that make this heater more suitable for use in a gree...

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  • from $7.00

    Greenhouse Poly Cover, 6 mil UVI

    Cut to order.  Call 800-322-4707 to place your order! Our poly maintains a warmer climate and promotes more rapid plant growth. It transmits over 9...

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    from $7.00
  • $135.00

    Heat Saver Fan

    Bring heat down to the plants! - C3086 This fan is specially designed to pull warm air off the ceiling and push it down to the floor. This provi...

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  • $20.95

    Thermostatic Outlet

    Simple plug-in temperature control The Thermo Cube® is thermostatically controlled and turns power on and off automatically, according to outside a...

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  • $144.00

    Dayton 120-Volt Portable Heater

    FREE Shipping With extra safety features This electric heater, with automatic thermostat, provides the most heat available (5,120 Btu’s) from 120 v...

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  • $8.50

    BY THE FOOT - Charley’s 12 mil Storm Cover, per ft

    Toughest Greenhouse Woven Poly For reliable protection, cover your greenhouse or cold frame with this super-strong poly. You won’t have to worry ab...

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  • $187.00

    Charley’s 240-Volt Greenhouse Heater

    240-Volt - C4029 240-Volt NEMA 6-20R Receptacle Only.Will not work on regular 120-volt household outlet. (See C4027 for 120V model.) Reliability, d...

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  • $219.95

    Rugged 120-Volt Portable Heater

    It can take and give the heat This durable, 120 Volt heater has a built-in thermostat that controls a big 5,100 Btu’s. Other features include a ...

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  • Out of Stock
    from $59.95

    Greenhouse Thermostat

    Reliable control - E3127 This quality thermostat will automatically control a fan system or heater. The moisture-resistant case offers protection...

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    from $59.95
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  • from $1,416.45

    Direct Vent Empire Gas Heater

    Direct-Vent-Thru-The-Wall - C4110 Wall-mounted design means easy, low-cost installation with no chimney. The direct wall vent draws outside air for...

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    from $1,416.45
  • $39.50

    Wall Thermostat

    FREE Shipping Economical control Automatic control for greenhouse fans or motorized vents. Fits standard recessed electrical wall box. Working ra...

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  • from $59.95

    Permaflect Reflective Foil Insulation

    Foil Insulation saves heating dollars! - C7572 Our insulation improves your greenhouse and saves money by keeping it warmer and dramatically enhanc...

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    from $59.95
  • $3.30

    BY THE FOOT - Reflectix Insulation, 24" W, per ft

    Dual-Purpose Insulation, Double Value (Minimum 5 ft) Reduce heat loss and increase the light level in your greenhouse. Keeps your plants warmer ...

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    Original price $1,098.93
    Current price $999.95

    Super Heater 240-Volt

    Big heat output! Includes 2 boxes - Heater Unit and Cord/Receptacle Unitto DROP SHIP DIRECT FROM MFG This high-quality heater will provide years...

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    Original price $1,098.93
    Current price $999.95
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  • $99.95

    Charley's Mounting Panel for Empire Gas Heater

    Made-to-order for Empire gas heaters - C4200 Optional with Charley's greenhouse models is the Mounting Panel Kit for Empire Gas Heater. Panel is...

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  • $269.00

    Electric Blower for Empire Gas Heater

    C4135 The optional Empire gas heater Blower is recommended to increase air circulation through the heater and distribute heat. It can be added at ...

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  • 240-Volt Portable Heater

    240-Volt Portable Heater

    High Heat Output Gives Extra Protection BIG 4,000-watt heating capacity (13,652 Btu’s) provides 2-1/2 times more heat than any 120-volt heater! A...

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