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Retail Store Update
Retail Store Update!

Season Extenders

  • from $7.00

    Snap Clamps for PVC Pipe, 10 pak

    For use with Black Poly or PVC Pipe These handy clamps hold down poly, row covers, shade cloth and tarps securely to a pipe frame – even in high wi...

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    from $7.00
  • from $17.95

    Frost Protek Plant Covers

    Protect your favorite plants from weather, deer, birds, and other pests. These durable covers are made of breathable, lightweight polypropylene – t...

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    from $17.95
  • from $39.95

    Crop Cover

    Plant Protection Keep your garden plants warmer and growing longer in the fall and earlier in the spring. Crop Cover acts as a greenhouse: lets 80...

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    from $39.95
  • 6" Metal Ground Staples for Crop Cover

    6" Metal Ground Staples for Crop Cover

    Keep your Crop Covers from blowing away! Use these steel ground staples/pins to secure and anchor crop coverings, landscape fabrics, and drip irr...

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