Fans & Ventilation

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    Powered Ventilation System

    Powered Ventilation System

    Automatically cool your greenhouse Powerful, forced air ventilation automatically cools your greenhouse when needed. The fan is matched with a specific size of shutters to provide you the optimum airflow. The weather-resistant thermostat allows you to...

    $852.00 - $2,120.00
  • Replacement Power Tube for Bayliss XL

    Replacement Power Tube for Bayliss XL

    For use with Bayliss XL - Single Spring Anodized Solar-Powered Vent Opener (C3504) The XL tube is very easily replaced. The old tube can be removed by taking out the spring clip which is inserted through the tube socket and end of the power tube. The...

  • Schaefer Greenhouse Exhaust Fan

    Schaefer Greenhouse Exhaust Fan

    Efficient ventilation - C3030 This durable fan motor is totally enclosed for resistance to greenhouse moisture. The wire mesh blade guard is vinyl-coated. The shutter is made of rustproof exterior grade PVC with aerodynamic vanes on nylon bearings that...

    $294.00 - $449.00
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    Schaefer Greenhouse Vent System

    Schaefer Greenhouse Vent System

    Rugged, attractive All components of this system are adapted to the humid greenhouse environment. Parts are made of aluminum, stainless steel, and PVC; and all steel parts are either enameled or vinyl coated. The variable speed exhaust fan is mounted on...

    $829.00 - $1,739.00
  • Schaefer Long-Life Circulation Fan

    Schaefer Long-Life Circulation Fan

    Efficient & Durable This commercial quality, rugged, tapered fan will provide years of non-stop air circulation with a gentle breeze your plants will love. The quiet, fan is housed in an epoxy-coated, steel guard. L-shaped ceiling mounting bracket...

    $72.00 - $324.00
  • Schaefer Motorized Greenhouse Shutter

    Schaefer Motorized Greenhouse Shutter

    Fresh air intake These shutters are made from exterior grade PVC, are rust-proof, and reduce conductive heat loss. They are made to close tightly to minimize drafts and heat loss. Features aerodynamic vanes on nylon bearings that never need lubrication...

    $334.00 - $399.00
  • Shutter Motor

    Shutter Motor

    Free Shipping For positive control of Charley's Heavy-Duty Aluminum Shutters - C3259 Assures maximum airflow by holding the shutter completely open. Prevents drafts on cold windy days by holding the shutter tightly closed. Wire to fan thermostat. Will...

  • Snap Fan Solar Exhaust System

    Snap Fan Solar Exhaust System

    Automatically vent excess hot air from your greenhouse with a fan powered by the sun! The Solar Exhaust Fan Kit includes everything you need to get your ventilation system started. Prewired "plug-n-play" system simplifies installation. No electrician...

    $1,076.45 - $1,324.20
  • Solar Shutter Control Kit with Liberty Auto Opener

    Solar Shutter Control Kit with Liberty Auto Opener

      Includes Liberty Opener, hardware, instructions - C3534 Automate our C3212 Heavy-Duty Aluminum Shutter* -- sizes 16", 18", 20", 24", and 30" -- to let fresh air into your greenhouse or garden shed. The adjustable Liberty Control is heat activated...

  • Solar Yard Gard Pest Repeller

    Solar Yard Gard Pest Repeller

    Solar-Powered - R4778 High-tech pest control powered by the sun. Humanely repel unwanted visitors – deer, squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, cats, dogs, rodents, skunks, armadillos, ticks, mites, fleas and many more. Its high frequency sound waves are silent...

  • Table-Top Finger-Safe Fan

    Table-Top Finger-Safe Fan

    Set this sleek fan anywhere you want to improve air circulation – bench, shelf or hang from a wall or rafter. It features an extra-safe, soft blade and a 2-speed motor to effectively move air up to 30 ft.The motor pivots on its chrome stand to direct air...

  • Table-Top Finger-Safe Fan Replacement Blade

    Table-Top Finger-Safe Fan Replacement Blade

    Replacement blade for TableTop Finger Safe Fan (C3006). This unique 7" Finger-Safe Blade has a soft plastic edge so it’s absolutely safe without a grill.Fits 3006, Caframo Model #707CH-WBX 2-speed AC Fan, white and 3065, Caframo Model #707CL-WBX Clamp...