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Vented Polycarbonate Tape Roll


Protect your poly panels

Use this special adhesive tape to seal ends of Multi-Wall polycarbonate panels. The woven material is breathable, long-lasting, strong, and flexible. Easy-to-apply.

Use 1" wide tape for 4 mm to 10 mm panels. B7524
Use 1-1/2" wide tape for 16 mm to 20 mm panels.
Use 2" wide tape for 25 mm to 45 mm panels.

All sizes come in a 108 ft to 110 ft. roll.



  • Cover tape with flashing or wood to prevent the sun from drying out the adhesive.
  • One side of the panel is specially treated to face the sun. Only remove the panel protective film from the inside of the panels before installation. Peel back the outside protective film about 4" from the edge, but leave the outside film on the panel until after installation is complete. (It is difficult or impossible to tell the inside from the outside once both films have been removed. Mark "outside" of panel with a permanent marker at one corner to avoid future confusion - see photo at left.)