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Color Spectrum 12W LED Grow Bulbs

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Original price $21.95
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Grow indoors all year

These LED grow bulbs replace up to a 150 Watt Flood, using only 12 watts of power. Grow plants and vegetables indoors year-round, and give your plants the natural light they crave without the UV.

Based on NASA Color Spectrum Technology. Lasts up to 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs. Runs for $1.44 est. cost per year at 3 hours/day. UL Listed. No Mercury.

Select Spectrum:
* Flowering with Red - Absolute Daylight MAX Flowering with red spectrum. Ideal for plants and vegetables. Promotes flowering and fruiting.
* Heavy Red & Blue - Ultra Daylight with red and blue spectrum for intense plant growth.

(Not for use with dimmer switches.)