Wall Mount Oscillating Fan, 12" Leaf

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Improve your air circulation - C3067

This handsomely-styled 3-speed, 12" fan provides the best type of air circulation. The oscillating action gives plants a short, brisk breath of fresh air that does the best job of removing stale air from between the leaves. The quiet oscillating mechanism rotates the fan head 90° left and right. Airflow can also be adjusted up or down. Mounts out of the way on the wall -- does not take up valuable bench space.

Specifications: Tough 12" ABS plastic blade, plated steel guard.  3-speed selector switch with pull cord: 930, 780, 620 cfm.  6 ft. grounded power cord.  120 volts, uses 39 watts max. Amps 0.35 high, 0.30 med, 0.25 low.  (Blade and guard shipped unassembled - no tools required for assembly.)

Includes screws for wood frame installation. (For metal greenhouse frames, order 1/2" mounting bolts separately. Uses 2 bolts. Order English "T" Bolts K7473 or Cross Country / SolarGro Bolts K1410).

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Installation Tips for Metal Greenhouse Frames:  Use the following information in conjunction with the instructions that come with your fan.

Widen the space between the flange and the back of #21 Mounting Plate. Drill out the holes to fit the bolts. Insert 2 bolts into the frame. Lay #21 Mounting Plate over bolts and attach nuts. Tighten. The fan may now be hung on the Mounting Plate.

For a more secure installation, attach a small (3-1/2" x 2-1/4") piece of wood or plastic to the framing with a bolt, starting 5" below the bottom of the Mounting Plate. This will provide a stable surface for the rubber feet to rest on.

** VARIABLE OSCILLATION: Pull oscillation knob on the rear of the motor up. Turn fan head to left, right, or straight ahead. Push oscillation knob down and fan will oscillate about the set angle.
** VERTICAL ANGLE: To adjust vertical angle, tilt fan head up or down, as desired.
** DO NOT TURN FAN HEAD left or right unless oscillation knob is UP.

Click here for instructions PDF.